exhibition @ breadbox gallery

drei was first exhibited at Breadbox Gallery from April 18-May 04, 2008 as part of the FotoFreo 2008 Perth programme.

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book preview

As part of the exhibition, a limited edition book was produced featuring the full series, statements and essays by Paola AnselmiDavid Bromfield.

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At various stages in the creation of this body of work I explored the idea of using large scale DVD projections and immersive sound.

The installation concept involved these videos being projected large scale in a darkened room. Given that the Breadbox Gallery didn't really have a suitable space for such projections, this aspect was abandoned and not developed further.

The below are low resolution, abbreviated screenings of various videos.

mistral 2007, 2:58mins

eye-i 2007, 8:51mins

open 2007, 82mins (preview only)

drei #61


1000mm x 700mm Lightjet Print. Edition of 10 (2007)